Since participation in the program is voluntary, the employee may discontinue participation in the program, for any reason, with two weeks written notice to their supervisor, unless it was a condition of employment or a requirement of the job description. The supervisor will notify the telework coordinator to make arrangements to retrieve county property and make arrangements for the employee to begin working at a county location.

Management may terminate an individual employee's participation at any time, as follows:

  • For any reason, upon providing two weeks written notice to the affected employee
  • A performance appraisal that rates the employee's performance below fully satisfactory automatically suspends or terminates an employee's telework arrangement
  • For cause, upon providing 24 hours verbal or written notice to the affected employee to be followed up with a written explanation within two weeks. The requirement for prior written notification and explanation may be waived in the event of an emergency
  • Management retains the right to suspend or terminate an employee's telework participation if it no longer benefits the agency to have the employee work at home