Telework is not a universal employee benefit or entitlement, but a management option and alternative method of meeting the work needs of the county. This program creates no employee rights in relation to telework, and management decisions regarding telework are not subject to appeal. Managers and employees must understand that adherence to the policy and procedures are an essential requirement of the telework program.

Since teleworking is a privilege, Westchester County has the right to make it available to an employee and to terminate a telework arrangement at any time. Telework does not suit every job, function, employee or employer, but it has the potential to benefit the employee, employer and the community in many ways – a win-win-win proposition that helps provide the employer a distinct competitive edge.

Employees are not required to telework and have the right to refuse to telework if the option is made available to them. Employees who do choose to telework have the right to cease teleworking and return to their former in-office work pattern with reasonable notice.