The County of Westchester’s workforce is its most valuable asset, and for that reason the Department of Human Resources is committed to attracting, developing, and retaining a skilled and diverse workforce to provide the highest quality service to the residents of Westchester County. From this Web page, employees can obtain information about job opportunities, civil service examinations, and employee benefits.

hr22 Civil Service Exams
The positions under our jurisdiction represent a wide variety of careers. Under New York State Civil Service Law, individuals seeking employment in the competitive class of civil service must compete in an examination process for selection by merit and fitness. Learn More
hr12 Current Job Openings
The Westchester County Department of Human Resources posts a list of current job openings each week.
These openings are posted for a specific period (usually 10 business days), after which they will no longer appear on our Web site. Learn More
hr42 Jobs in Demand
The county often has jobs in urgent need of filling. Find out what the titles are, the required qualifications, the salary levels and the application process for each. Learn More
hr32 Applications and Study Guides
The majority of our job and exam applications as well as the study guides are available for downloading on our Web site. To view or print these PDF-formatted files, download and install the free Adobe Reader. Learn More