Employees interested in participating in the program must first read the Westchester County Telework Handbook and then complete the Teleworker Self-Assessment Survey. The completed form should be submitted to the commissioner of the department, who will review the information to determine if telework is feasible, justified and cost effective. Surveys for those considered good candidates for participating in the Telework Program should be forwarded to the Telework Selection Committee for final review and selection.

Those employees identified as good candidates for the program will then need to attend a training session, with their supervisor, during which they will complete the Telework Agreement.

Additionally, the Office of Risk Management and/or Department of Information Technology may need to visit the employees home to inspect the proposed work location.

Once the training is completed, and all paperwork is completed, the employee's department will determine what date the employee may begin teleworking. On at least an annual basis, the employee's supervisor will need to complete the Annual Recertification of Employee Eligibility form in order for the employee to continue teleworking.