The main goals of the Westchester County Telework Program are to:

  • Allow employees to telework when opportunities exist for improved employee performance and productivity
  • Reduce commuting mileage to contribute to the county’s conservation efforts in support of clean air objectives
  • Reduce turnover and absenteeism
  • Improve the county’s ability to attract and retain qualified personnel
  • Improve organizational savings
  • Enhance the spirit, morale, and welfare of employees

Telework may not be suitable for all employees and/or positions.

Our employees are essential to providing the best and most cost effective services to the residents of Westchester County. In our efforts to constantly achieve high levels of performance, efficiency, and productivity, with limited budgetary resources, the creative application of new technology, new organizational configurations and innovative human resource management will contribute to these goals. Reduction of the stress on our workforce caused by commuting in this highly congested metropolitan area will benefit employees and their ability to support the programs and services provided for and available to county residents.

Additionally, applying alternative work scheduling and worker deployment techniques can reduce air pollution, which is the result of commuter-associated emissions. We can support local conservation efforts through the environmental benefits that accrue from telework.