Q. What is the difference between an open-competitive and promotional examination?
A. Open-competitive examinations can be taken by any individual who demonstrates that they meet the minimum educational and experience qualifications cited on the examination announcement. Promotional examinations are restricted to current employees of the participating appointing authority who meet the service requirement and minimum qualifications as cited on the announcement. It is possible for current employees to take an examination both open-competitively and promotionally, and appear on both lists if they pass the examination. Candidates on promotional lists are canvassed first.

Q. What does continuous recruitment mean?
A. Continuous recruitment refers to those examinations for which applications are accepted on a continuous basis, i.e., there is no deadline by when an application must be received. The scores for these examinations are filed with existing candidate scores to form a constantly changing eligible list. Your name remains on the list for one year.

Q. What is a training and experience examination?
A. A training and experience examination is a method of testing whereby a candidate receives a test score based on the information contained in the submitted application. The score is weighted between education (training) and experience.