lifeguard at pool's edge

Westchester County's Summer employment program offers job opportunities in various departments and facilities.

Jobs include Seasonal Park Rangers with our Public Safety department, parks and pool attendants, lifeguards, laborers and office workers. Pay depends on the job title, work involved and experience required. The minimum hiring age is 16 years old (with some exceptions). There is no maximum age limit. Preference will be given to Westchester County residents.

Summer job applications can be viewed and printed online or they can be obtained by visiting the Westchester County Department of Human Resources, Suite 100, Michaelian Office Building, 148 Martine Ave., White Plains, New York 10601.

If you have any questions, e-mail Connie Giamei at 

Why Intern with Us?
- Engage with experienced professionals in the probation field.
- Develop skills that will shape your future career.
- Contribute to the well-being of the community.
- Reality-test your career options.
- Gain valuable work experience before you graduate.

We are currently accepting applications for Summer 2024 for 2 important programs:

  • ATUPA: The Adolescent Tobacco Underage Prevention Act: only hiring individuals age 16-21
  • BEACH program to test water quality at the County’s beaches

Summer 2024 (June – August)
-  Apply by April 5, 2024.
- Explore and contribute to the world of probation services.
- Develop new skills and refine others.

Seasonal Park Ranger Application 2024

Lifeguard Seasonal Application