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County employees may receive these kinds of benefits based on their negotiated contracts. 

Leave Time

Annual Leave
Personal Leave

Sick Leave
Family Medical

Extended Sick Leave
Maternity Leave

Sick Leave Bank
Bereavement Leave


Worker's Comp


Credit Union
Direct Deposit

(Deferred Compensation)

NY State Retirement System 
(Pension Plan)

Flexible Spending Plans
(Medical, Dependent and Child Care,Transportation and Parking)



Computer-based training
Westchester County offers employees a broad range of online self-study and instructor-led courses. Course updates and new features are posted frequently.

Tuition Reimbursement Program
Qualified County employees can receive reimbursement of tuition costs.

  • All county-employed members of CSEA, COBA, SOA, and TEAMSTERS unions, as well as management and confidential employees are eligible. Other unions may have tuition reimbursement programs – contact your union directly.
  • Courses must be taken at an educational institution accredited or recognized by a state Department of Education.
  • Courses must benefit the county organization.
  • Applicant must be on the payroll prior to the start, during, and through the completion of the course, and at the time checks for reimbursement are issued.
  • Minimum grade requirement for undergraduate or graduate courses: C or better.
  • Additional eligibility requirements are stated on application and guidelines (available in the fall) All applications must be filed by the deadline specified (usually during the first week of January).
  • No pre-approval process before enrolling in courses.
  • Once-a-year application process for all courses completed in that year.
  • Reimbursement rate is a percentage based on total amount approved for all applicants and amount available as determined by CSEA contract.

Tuition Waiver
Tuition-free credit courses at Westchester Community College (defined as courses that give grades). Excludes fees and books. For all County-employed CSEA, COBA, SOA, TEAMSTERS members, and CONFIDENTIAL employees. Tuition waiver form must be obtained from your union office, or from Human Resources for Teamsters and Confidential employees.

Tuition Reduction
County employees eligible for benefits receive a reduction in tuition at several colleges and universities.

  • Ashford University:
    Westchester County staff and immediate Family members (spouse/children) receive:
    • 20 percent tuition reduction
    • Tech fees waived
    • All required course materials costs waived
  • The College of Westchester (formerly Westchester Business Institute): 20 percent tuition discount for employees (with proof of employment). Immediate family members are eligible for a 12 percent tuition discount.
  • Long Island University - Westchester County employees are eligible for a 25 percent tuition reduction on any LIU Hudson program (i.e. locations in Westchester, Rockland, and Orange counties).
  • Fordham University - 25 percent tuition reduction at Fordham University (undergraduate, graduate and certificate programs) through the College of Professional and Continuing Studies [West Harrison campus]; 20 percent reduction at Graduate School of Social Work [West Harrison campus] and at School of Business [West Harrison Campus].
  • Mercy College - 15 percent discount.
  • Manhattan College - 25 percent discount for employees on required courses in the Adult Degree Completion Program (BS - Organizational Leadership and MS - Organizational Leadership) focused at the Riverdale campus.
  • Monroe College - 20 percent discount for employees enrolled in undergrad or graduate programs at New Rochelle or Bronx campuses, or taking courses online.
  • IONA College - $500 per three credit course toward graduate degree or certificates.
  • New York Medical College – New York Medical College is proud to partner with Westchester County to offer Westchester County employees a 20 percent discount off of tuition for any programs in the department of Public Health.
  • Manhattanville School of Business offers several discount opportunities to Westchester government employees and their immediate family members:
    • 15 percent discount for graduate business programs

    • 15 percent discount for accelerated adult undergraduate (APPEAL) Bachelor degree and dual Bachelor/Master degree options

    • 15 percent discount off Professional  Development Workshop Series programming

    • 10 percent discount for SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) certificate programs

    • 10 percent discount Women’s Leadership Institute certificate program                       

For general information on the School of Business please see www.mville.edu/business or call (914) 323-5150

  •  University of Scranton  – offers a 10 percent discount to Westchester County employees in order to allow them the opportunity to continue their education with a high-quality, accredited online degree program. The following programs are eligible for the reduction: Master of Science in Finance (MSF), Master of Accountancy (MAcc),  MBA (choose from a variety of specializations),  Master of Health Administration (MHA),  Master of Science in Health Informatics (MSHI),Master of Science in Human Resources (MSHR),  Enterprise Resource Planning Certificate and Supply Chain Management Certificate.